Schueler Provides Lidar R&D to Veoneer

Winter 2018 to Present


Schueler Consulting assists Veoneer ( with automotive Lidar research & development. With subcontractor Cloudland Instruments, Schueler invented and demonstrated several novel test methods to dramatically improve Veoneer's automotive Lidar production efficiency and quality.

Outdoor Test.JPG
Veoneer Thermal Vision Market Support

Spring 2016 to Fall 2017


Schueler Consulting was hired in 2016 by Veoneer, Goleta CA to explore new automotive applications of Veoneer's thermal vision system and to support market development. At left Schueler explains a key night-driving safety feature of Veoneer thermal vision at Cadillac Truth + Dare San Diego June 2017.

'First Light' HawkEye image 21 March 2019

Optics Support for Cloudland & Hera Systems CubeSat Sensors


Schueler Consulting was hired in 2015 by Cloudland Instruments to design and specify calibration and test equipment for the HawkEye ocean-color sensor launched in 2018. HawkEye demonstrated excellent performance on-orbit, as shown in the 'First Light' image on the right acquired 21 March 2019.


Schueler was hired in 2016 by Hera Systems, San Jose CA ( to evaluate the anticipated performance of a novel optical design for a constellation of advanced CubeSats to deliver fine-resolution satellite imagery at very low cost.

Hawkeye 21 March 2019.jpg