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Workshop comments 

Excellent, I learned a lot about something I have little training or information on.  In addition to our hardware, I understand more the equipment I use to evaluate and document defects.

I think the most valuable part was the calculations and small examples because it allowed us to understand the theory better.    Instructor was very knowledgeable and did a great job presenting. Good balance of slides and demonstrations. He tied in real life examples and past experiences with theories

I thought the most valuable part was how the instructor tied everything together, clearly showing balances/tradeoffs between optical design, radiometry and image quality.

Course was very effective. Presented new material as well as provided a different perspective on topics I had already been exposed to.

Cost-competition demands efficiency, and efficiency demands teamwork!

Company success is driven not only by performance, but also by best price for specified performance. This calls for efficiency as cost competition intensifies.  Many factors drive efficiency, but there’s a common thread: Teamwork! Across-the-board employee understanding of basics improves communication, morale and teamwork: An edge in a cost-driven market!

Fundamentals of Imaging: Training for all to enhance company productivity!

A one-day workshop for all: R&D to finance, Ph.D. to GED! This entertaining program leads participants from basic optics to imaging. Key concepts are explained from Point Spread Function and Modulation Transfer Function to Radiometry and Signal-to-Noise Ratio, clarifying system tradeoffs to optimize design. Math is limited to arithmetic and simple algebra, using demonstrations to illustrate otherwise difficult concepts.

“I took Carl’s 1983 graduate EO/IR Sensor Design course at UC Santa Barbara. The content and depth were ideally suited to my EO/IR needs. Carl created a sound presentation to the discipline I successfully used my entire career."

– Jan. 2015, Steve Botts, Deputy Chief Engineer, Technical Fellow, Raytheon Vision Systems, Goleta CA

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